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Insulating Oils (TIMOs) - Research in the evaluation of Corrosive Sulfur

After application for a decade of this very important diagnostic test in insulating oils TR, according to the accredited method in our laboratory ASTM D1275B initially & ASTM 1D1275-15 later and after evaluating the results in a very large number of TRs observing ambiguities and difficulties in their evaluation in a significant number of samples we decided to conduct an internal investigation in order to solve this problem. We have already completed a significant part of this research and will of course return with its completion. From the elaboration of the first results, however, we can say that very important conclusions will emerge as well the need to formulate new interpretive criteria.

TRs - Solid Insulating Materials - Research and application of new methods in the evaluation of Cellulose Insulating materials

The criticality of the condition of the solid insulating papers, regardless of their kind, for the good operation of the TR is known to those dealing with them. In the first years of our activity, in the early 1990s, there was a significant gap in the assessment of their situation, through of insulating oils. After two years of research testing in our laboratory, in 1998 we routinely implemented an internal method (2-Fal.ICLab), which is applicable to date, offering an excellent and very economical diagnostic method for the condition of solid insulating papers, through a small quantity of the oil sample. Then, of course, we routinely applied the ASTM D5837 method, for the determination of all furan compounds.
However, having identified a few, but important cases of TRs, with unusual behavior of their oils, from the beginning of 2021, we decided to focus on the state of solid insulation, by applying new methods and parameters, which will provide additional information, for the state of solid insulators. This research is ongoing we named it temporary as “CCA test” with very encouraging results so far. Despite our limited time, due to its exceptional importance for the more accurate and correct diagnosis of the condition of the insulating liquids and the TR, we make an effort to complete it asap.

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